Style and Text

Your logo and how you plan to use it should determine the design. For instance, several stylish logos which are eye-catching and dramatic on a store front, may not work at all if you plan to sell through apps. This is since your logo will be scaled down and it may lose its appeal completely. So, pay attention to things like timeless designs or designs that have classically been used. Being minimalistic with the designs is what is popular right now and so it may make sense to understand how you plan to use the logo before finalizing the design.
Using words, tagline or a slogan can accentuate your logo and in many ways, offers great benefits for businesses. For instance, Apple’s tagline, “Think Different” takes their logo a step further by stating that they strive to think different and hence offer you products that are different from everything else out there. So, if you plan to use a tag line, it should add value to your logo.

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