Something Memorable

If we look at examples of companies that have logos which are inseparable from the business itself, you will find that their logos have certain distinct features that set them apart. So, basically what you want is to create a logo that can create an impact and at the same time evoke strong positive associations with your product/service. For instance, If you take into consideration Apple’s logo, there are several people who do not like their products and without going to into why it is so, we can say that even such people will agree that the brand evokes a strong support and perfectly represents the company for what it does. There are a few basic things you would want to stick to if you want to create a logo that is memorable:

  • Do not over think it: There is tons of information available out there and loads of advice on what you should do and what you should not. However, you should be the best judge of the design and make sure you do not over think it. Keep it simple and choose a design that resonates with you and your brand.


  • Suggest the right tone: While you need not actually depict or display the products or services that you deal with, you should set the right tone which will suggest what you are into. Further, your design should clearly depict your values and what you want the customers to associate with your company.


  • Ease of use: Make sure you put together a design that can be used over several areas. Consider, packaging, advertising, stationery and so on.

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