Logo and Originality

There is something about being original. It inspires and motivates people to do their best. While most companies want their logos or designs to be original, it is not always the case. With the number of creative designs and logos that are present these days, you are bound to run into something similar at some point or the other. So, how do you ensure your design stays original?

  • Post your prospective design on international design websites. Generally, if it is a design that has been seen elsewhere, you will be informed of the same.


  • You will find that when you pay for a design, the designer ensures for his/her own benefit as well that the design has never been used.


  • If you are looking to design a symbol, using google to search for images along with keywords such as logos or original will help you to sort through ones that are original or unused.


  • Finally, Google similar images will also help to a considerable extent to find out if your image has been used previously. There are a few apps available that can also help you to know how original your logo design is.

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