Deciding on Color

While the message that you want to deliver to the customer is the most crucial factor, research shows that a logo specifically the colors you choose plays a huge role in the impact it has on people viewing it. We are essentially hardwired to react in certain ways to certain colors. Understanding this could help businesses to strategize their branding to make it more effective. According to research conducted by some marketing companies, most people decide about a brand or a product within 90 seconds of viewing it. About 85% of the people say that color is one of the main reasons for buying a product while 80% of the people believe that color has a major impact on recognizing the brand. Let’s look at a few colors:

  • Red- invokes feelings of passion or stimulates a risk-taking emotion


  • Yellow-invokes optimism, hope


  • Blue -invokes a calming feeling, Cleanliness order or security


  • Orange- Feeling of energy, balance or comfort

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